Do It Yourself – Getting Organzied

Hey all! So this month we are all about organization. Woo! While moving in, this is the time to gear up for the winter and really keep yourself in line for the rest of the year. So here we go!

Meal Planning

What's for dinner
The first project is for the people out there like me, I have all these amazing ideas about what to make for dinner and then when it comes down to it, I just have a bowl of cereal and run out the door. So plan ahead! All you have to do is either buy cute magnets or even write on dry erase board with a dry erase marker and come up with planned meals. If you plan ahead, you will be more likely to hold yourself accountable to do it.

Make-up Organizers

This one makes sense for all of us girls: how to clean up your bathroom and not have to scramble around every morning. It’s pretty easy, just get some type of magnetic board, it doesn’t have to be as fancy as this one, and then attach a magnet to all of your makeup. When you’re done using your make-up just throw it back on there! You can actually see all the fun stuff you have and get creative because it won’t be hidden at the bottom of a small bag!

-Jessica Johnson
Landmark ALA