Placing Your Work Order Request

Many UW Apartment residents have asked how to notify Maintenance that something in their apartment needs to be fixed. A leaking kitchen faucet or stove that needs repaired can be reported to the Maintenance Department online at Once you pull up the University of Wyoming-Residence Life and Dining Services page, you can submit your own work order request in 8 Easy Steps.

Step 1: There are four fields with red checks that you must fill out: your first name, your last name, email address and phone number. After filling in these fields and hitting “submit,” you will come to the Work Request page.

Step 2: Will ask you to select the location where you live, such as Bison Run Village, Spanish Walk, River Village or Landmark. Select the community where you live, and then select the building. Your apartment number can be found among that list. Also, type in your specific apartment number in the field: Area/Room Number.

Step 3: You need to select the problem type that matches with the repair you need. If you can’t find a category that is listed, such as Electrical or Plumbing, select Miscellaneous.

Step 4: You need to describe the problem or request in the field provided. Example: “My oven will not turn on, or “the toilet water will not stop running.”

Step 5: If you would like Maintenance to stop by for repairs at a specific time, indicate the time. Otherwise, leave the space blank.

Step 6: You may skip Step 6 with the attachment and move on to Step 7.

Step 7: The Submittal Password is “Cowboys.” The password is always listed at the top of the page, but because it is written in yellow, it is difficult to read.

Step 8: Here is a list of four notifications you will receive via email. Just hit “Submit” and you are done.

Congratulations! You have just submitted your first work order request! What is the main advantage to submitting your work order request online? As the Maintenance Department processes your request, you receive updates online. That way, you can follow the status of the work order through the SchoolDude Message Center until it is completed.

– Mary Bargdill
River Village ALA