What Happened on…. This Day in History

September 2nd: In 1969 the first ever Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) in the United States was installed in the Rockville Center, New York City. Throughout the early 1960’s Japan, Sweden, Great Britain, and The US independently developed designs for machines that would serve a similar purpose as those that exist today. After inserting the properly encoded card, the machine would dispense only a fixed amount of money to the customer (i.e. $20 for every time that a valid card was inserted). Before its release on September 2nd, one bank quoted, “On Sept. 2 our bank will open at 9:00 and never close again.”

September 15th: In 1830 William Huskisson became the first man to be run-over by a railroad train. William Huskisson was an important politician in England, having served as a Member of Parliament for Liverpool and a former cabinet minister. William was attending the opening of the Liverpool and Manchester Railway. The event was so big that even the Duke of Wellington was there and he witnessed the horrific mangling of Huskisson’s accident. Huskisson actually survived the impact but died in the hospital only hours later and is now recognized as the earliest railway casualty reported. railroad

September 29th: In 1959 an intense radiation belt around the Earth was revealed by Explorer VI. These belts are called Van Allen belts and are said to be deposits of particles from solar wind or possible cosmic rays. These particles are held close to Earth by Earth’s magnetic field. The belts can pose a threat to satellites that are in them for too long. (Featured Photo)

-Saxon Bull
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