Three Secret Places to Visit in the U.S.

Eugene, Oregon

Home of the University of Oregon and Nike, this city has been a booming center for indie culture and liveliness. There are many things you can do here in almost a year-round fashion such as kayaking, hiking, and enjoying all the deciduous-forested areas that we in Wyoming are not accustomed to. I would recommend going here in the autumn if you are able. Seeing the leaves change colors can be one of the most beautiful things in America – it is not just an East Coast thing.

Theodore Roosevelt National Park, North Dakota

This park is in a remote corner of North Dakota and is not nearly as packed as the more well-known Yellowstone National Park. Theodore Roosevelt National Park boasts 110 square miles of interesting and colorful rock formations, making this a remarkable destination and definitely a hidden gem.

Lake Chelan, Washington

This 1,500 foot deep, glacier-carved-out lake is one of the deepest lakes in the U.S. Its pristine blue water and intimidating mountains make for a fjords-like experience. Like the other locations on this list, Lake Chelan is way underappreciated as far as U.S. national vacations go. If you are looking to “get away from it all,” this is definitely the location to go as sections of the lake (even a town) are only accessible by boat or plane.
Lake chelan

– John Ringenberg
Bison Run ALA