Making Sense of Mail Box Confusion

An email went out to UW Apartment residents recently, instructing them to fill out a Vacancy Form that was placed in their mail box by the U.S. Post Office.  If you received one of these forms, please fill it out and place it in your mail box. If you did not receive a form, then please disregard the email. With so many new residents moving into UW Apartments at the beginning of fall semester, the Post Office wants to ensure letters arrive at the correct address. Folks who live in Bison Run Apartments are more likely to encounter problems receiving their mail because of the confusion between the apartment number and mail box number.

Below is an example of how mail should be addressed to folks in Bison Run. And remember, write your name and box number AND DATE on a piece of paper and stick it in your mail box. The date lets the post office know when you moved in. If you do these things, your mail should not get lost in the confusion.

Your Name

2512 Willett Dr. # (Your MAIL BOX Number)

Apt. 00-000 (Bedroom)

Laramie, WY 82072



Harry Potter

2512 Willett Dr. #800

Apt. 17-67C

Laramie, WY 82072


Below is an example of how mail should be addressed to folks in River Village or Landmark Apartments. You DO NOT need to include your mailbox number.


Your Name

2623 Arrowhead Lane

Apt. 000

Laramie, WY 82072


Folks in Spanish Walk – Your mail should be addressed the same as River Village and Landmark. The difference is you are the only residents who have a zip code of 82070.


Your Name

205 South 30th Street

Apartment 000

Laramie, WY 82070


-Mary Bargdill

River Village ALA