UW Theater and Dance Department Present Shows

This year is an exciting year for the UW Theater and Dance Department, for the performing arts building is under construction, but the shows must go on! More information can be found at http://www.uwyo.edu/thd.

October 1st- 6th: Five Women Wearing the Same Dress

Alan Ball tells a story of a flashy Knoxville, Tennessee wedding reception where the awaiting bridesmaids are all hiding out upstairs. As the girl talk commences, these five very different women start to realize how similar they really are. This inspiring and sassy exposé takes a closer look at friendships and has a great feminine touch.

October 29th – November 2nd: An Evening with Ayn Rand

Written and directed by UW’s own William Downs, An Evening with Ayn Rand spotlights the brilliance of the writer and philosopher who wrote Atlas Shrugged. This piece takes a close look at the pros and cons of laissez-faire capitalism and coherent self-interest. Rand and her pupil Alan Greenspan, the former Chairman of the Federal Reserve, are put to the test in this beautiful discussion involving society and policymakers today.

Novemner 19th – 24th: Carmina Burana

This beautiful journey through the four seasons showcases Carl Orff’s epic tour de force. With more than 100 performers on stage at one time, this performance will display live orchestral and choral music with dance and drama all merged. This never-before-seen combination is sure to amaze and surprise.

February 10th– 14th:  Middletown

This funny, lighthearted new play by Will Eno surveys a small American town and all that happens with in it. Middletown follows a friendship between a town resident and a newcomer and dissects the strange webs of relationships townsfolk weave. From the library to the stars, this piece is sure to go right to your heart, but never far from town.

March 6th- 8th: Movement Landscapes

Choreographed by Margret Wilson, Marsha Knight, Lawrence Jackson, and Rachael Shaw and guest artist Jacob Mora with a special guest performance by Julia Mayo, Movement Landscapes will be a night of awe. This year’s spring dance concert includes elements of modern, contemporary ballet, jazz, and vertical dance.

April 22nd- 27th: Working

Combining the genius of Stephen Schwartz, the creator of Wicked, and writer Stud Terkel, this musical takes an interesting look at the lives of real working people. Using real words from 26 different working people, this piece relates these Americans through hopes, dreams, heartache, turmoil and joy in an extraordinary way.

-Tryniti Smith

Bison Run ALA