DIY Pumpkins

I love fall and everything that has to do with the change in the air, the cute new clothes resurfacing, and most importantly – the fun decorations that can be made! Carving pumpkins can be a hassle, and super messy, but the overall effect is so fun and festive. So this year, let’s paint pumpkins. Going along with the painting theme of our program on October 5,th  I thought I would come up with some cute ways to paint pumpkins.

First off, let’s go with the trending chevron stripes that are all over Pinterest and every other place with good fashion. The best part of this pumpkin painting is that it’s pretty easy. All you have to do is put some masking tape in the design you want and then paint everywhere else. The frog tape might keep the edges more strait, but really anything should work!


Another fun one – paint your apartment number on a pumpkin. It’s the same idea, but you can pick multiple colors and maybe us a stencil to get the best results. And then use other little pumpkins to really make it pop!


This pumpkin just requires glitter, glue and patience. Dip a pumpkin, or paint glue on a pumpkin, and then throw some glitter on it, and call it good. It’s super cute, and you can pick any colors.


Display your pumpkins outside of your apartment to show them off and add to the festive fall atmosphere in the apartments.  Just make sure to dispose of your pumpkins in the dumpster when they start to look a little worse for wear.

– Jessi Johnson

Landmark ALA