Things Not Missed From the 80s

1) Pogs – These flat circular discs really did not serve much of a purpose but they somehow entertained a generation for hours on end. Some of you may be too young to remember these.


2) Bandanas over the hair – This look was the way to be a rebel back in the day. Now, it just looks a little old fashioned or seems to be a statement showing you like 80s rock.


3)  Hacky Sacks – This can either be described as the game or the sack of rice/recycled plastic beads/wheat that you kick around in the air to see how long you can keep it off the ground.

hacky sacks

4) Slap bracelets – If you do not know what these are, I feel your childhood was incomplete. These spring metal bands could be straightened or slapped around your wrist to make into a very interesting bracelet.

slap brac

5) Fingerless Lace Gloves – Last but not least, these gloves were made famous by Madonna. Although they serve little purpose, they were used as a fashion statement mostly by those die-hard Madonna fans.


– John Ringenberg

Bison Run ALA