Wonder what all the hype is about local and sustainable food?  Supporting the local food movement helps the Laramie economy and community as well as fills your plate with higher quality, more nutritious, fresher foods.  When foods don’t have to travel across continents to reach your table they are actually richer in vitamins and antioxidants that promote your well-being and aren’t as tough on your wallet as you would imagine.

Laramie has numerous opportunities to support the local food movement and to find some vibrant veggies for your dinner.  ACRES is a UW student-run organic farm that provides fresh, pesticide-free produce and is always looking for volunteers and CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) members to receive a share of the crops. Laramie also has a community garden and summer farmers’ markets including the LOCO Summer Market and the downtown Laramie Farmers’ Market. A new addition to our community, happening now, is the LOCO Winter Market located in the Lincoln Center. Signing up for Bountiful Baskets is another way to collect copious amounts of fresh vegetables and fruit each week.  Food Dignity and Feeding Laramie Valley are also really cool projects to check out that focus on community gardens and providing local foods to families in the Laramie community.

Many restaurants and stores in Laramie also support the local movement. The Big Hollow Food Co-op located in Laramie’s downtown area supplies a full range fresh and local produce, meats, and eggs. Sweet Melissa’s, a vegetarian cafe, receives their produce from numerous surrounding farms and even uses herbs from their own garden wall.   The Crow Bar, another local restaurant provides a menu where all of their beef, pork, and lamb come from the local Butcher Block. Find out more information about these organizations online and check them out in person to support your local economy and nourish your body!

– Lea Steiner

Hitching Post Guest Writer