What Happened on…This Day in History?

November 2nd, 2000: The first crew that was expected to have long-duration space time aboard the International Space Station (ISS) docked to the station and began their mission officially on November 2nd. The crew stayed aboard the station for 136 days, and consisted of an American Commander, and two Russians. This crew arriving on the Space Station marked the beginning of uninterrupted human presence aboard the station that still continues to this day. While aboard the station daily activities include plenty of exercise, experiments, and general maintenance and station assembly. The ISS continues to be an excellent place for research and observation of earth for our experiments which we can’t do on the planet.
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November 16th, 2012: Black Ops 2 is officially said to have officially become the biggest entertainment launch of all time, raking in an amazing $500 Million dollars in its first 24 hours in the USA alone. This record was held until September of 2013 when GTA IV reached the $800 Million mark in its first 24 hours in USA alone. Black Ops 2 went on to sell 7.5 Million games nationally and reached $1 Billion in the first 15 days.
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November 29th, 1942: The US begins its coffee ration. The supply of coffee really didn’t decrease much at all but its growing popularity as well as its demand for military purposes, it was added to the already growing list of rations including sugar and gasoline. Coffee was finally released from its rationing in July of 1943, but sugar was still rationed as late as June 1947 long after World War II’s official conclusion.

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