DIY – November

Hey guys! Here we are again, and as it’s getting later in the semester, I think it’s time to start finding new ways to be organized. Getting everything put together makes it way easier to be a more functional human. So let’s get started. First, we have a spice organizer. It’s pretty easy, all you need to do is buy mop hooks and place them on a wall that is close to where you cook and then pop the spices right in. Be sure just to hang it up with command strips so you can avoid any charges by the apartments when they are removed.

The second project is a little more hands on. This requires a tablecloth. It could be any color, but white is the best for making the color pop. You will need about a pint of paint, a paintbrush, and duct tape or masking tape. You lay the duct tape out to assure strait lines. Paint and then wait for it to dry and have a beautiful new tablecloth. With autumn here, you can do an autumn theme or any color that will make your apartment really light up.
Yellow Strips

– Jessica Johnson
Landmark ALA