Drive Slowly in Winter Weather

Driving in winter weather can be a challenge, especially for those who are not used to driving on ice and snow. The best advice is to take it easy and slow down. Allow a little extra time for travelling to class and work.
UW Apartments Property Manager, Cheri Frank, is encouraging residents to drive slowly, especially during these extreme winter conditions, through the apartment community parking lots. The posted speed limit is 15 M.P.H., for the interior streets and parking areas.
“We have recently had an accident and a few very close calls in our apartments parking areas,” Frank said. “We have a lot of pedestrian traffic that includes small children and bicycles year around. Snowy, icy conditions delay reaction time for all and this creates potentially dangerous conditions for everyone.”
Motorists traveling out of town during the winter may first want to go to access the Wyoming Department of Transportation web site to learn of any recent road closures. Go to and click on “Closures and Advisories” for the latest updates on road closures.

– Mary Bargdill
River Village ALA