Tips on Getting Into Law School

As a current law student, I often get the question of how to go about applying and getting into law school. Beyond getting good grades in undergraduate, there are several recommended and required steps one must take.
First, you are required to take the LSAT exam prior to getting into law school which is an exam similar to the ACT or SAT for undergraduates. The exam is more grueling than these undergraduate exams in both time and difficulty. Most current or previous law students would recommend at least some sort of studying for the LSAT like taking a course or buying preparatory LSAT books. People have prepared for the LSAT both ways and there is no one guaranteed path to get a score level required by schools like Harvard or Yale.
Another requirement is to find several professors and people in your professional life that could write a letter of recommendation because they are needed in the application process.
One recommendation to those who are still undergraduates is to take classes that introduce the law through undergraduate courses. The best examples are business law and political science classes which focus on case law affecting political theory in America.
Finally, taking classes that require you to write succinct and efficient papers frequently will definitely help. Although not fun, practice makes for better writing. Being a good writer is key to being a successful law student, and it is preferable to be a good writer before starting law school.

-John Ringenberg
Bison Run ALA