How to Start the Semester Off Well

There are several things that are “tried and true” when it comes to starting the new semester off with new classes. It involves several things you would learn at your typical freshman orientation but most people will stop doing after the first year (if ever instituting the tips at all).
1. Sit in the “T” area of the class. This means to sit in the areas most visible to the professor which is the front couple rows or the middle of the class (thus creating the T image).
2. Go to class. Plain and simple but this will pay dividends in the final because many professors base questions on the final from class discussions. Going to class doesn’t just mean showing up, it means being mentally present for the class as well.
3. The first two tips fit nicely into the third tip of going in to see your professor. If your professor recognizes that you are in his or her class frequently, the professor is more likely to be helpful when you have questions.
4. Lastly, take good notes. You don’t have to even participate in most classes but if you take poor notes, that will often lead to poor ability to study for the final.
There are many other possible tips but these are the few easy supplemental tips that most people will agree work well for succeeding.

-John Ringenberg
Bison Run ALA