What Happened On… This Day in History?

Topsy the Elephant
January 4th, 1903: Topsy, the elephant was electrocuted to death by an AC (Alternating Current) current of 6600 volts. 1500 people were in attendance and inventor Thomas Edison oversaw the electrocution. Edison filmed the event and later used it in his campaign against George Westinghouse and AC technology. No practical AC motor existed at the time and so DC (Direct Current) had an early advantage over AC. DC quickly became the standard in the United States.

January 17th, 1916: The Professional Golfers Association was established. This establishment is not to be confused with the PGA Tour (The organization that puts on weekly tournaments for professional golfers). The Professional Golfers Association consists of more than 27,000 golf professionals who are trained to promote the game of golf in every way. The association’s mission is to increase the skills of its members and to hold to and increase the standards of the professional golfer’s vocation.

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January 25th, 1905: Captain Frederick Wells, superintendent of Premier Mine in South Africa, was on his daily inspection of the mine when he discovered the world’s largest diamond named Cullinan I. Cullinan I is a 3106.75 carat, 1.37 lb. monster of a diamond that held the record for the largest polished diamond in the world until 1985. The diamond was bought by the Transvaal government for 250,000 American Dollars. The diamond was then included on the Scepter with the Cross which belonged to King Charles II.

Cullinan Diamond