The first project is really all about what you’re feeling. Save all your old cans for food and gather up a lot of old wrapping paper or fun colorful paper. Begin by taking the label off the cans and then washing them thoroughly. Measure out the paper and then spray the cans with spray-mount adhesive; this is sold just about anywhere. Then wrap the paper around the can and decorate with whatever supplies you have. This can really light up a room and make it seem fun! You can put it on either a desk, kitchen table, coffee table, or just your dresser, wherever you see some empty space that needs some color.
Decorative Can

The next project is a fun way to brighten up any child’s room, or even yours if you are feelin’ spunky. You will need a tension rod and about 10 yards of 5 different ribbons although the amount needed will be determined by the amount of window space you have. Start off by cutting the ribbons a few inches longer than where it would need to make it all the way to the sill, then tie each ribbon onto the rod by doing a necktie on the top to create a fun knot. You can put the colors and ribbons in whatever way you feel would be the best. You may have to trim the bottom in order to bring the best results.


-Jessica Johnson
Landmark ALA