Realistic Incomes Coming Out of College

I apologize in advance for the pessimistic nature of this article but I have realized over the past several years that many people have an unrealistic expectation for what they will make coming out of college. This article will list some statistics for the University of Wyoming and national averages for recent college graduates.

Income for college graduates depends highly on the career field or major you choose, but there are many problems with the statistics. One problem that sometimes skews results of average income coming out of college is the statistics are often based solely on graduates who obtained a job in their major, excluding the incomes of those who did not (for example, a business graduate receiving a job at Starbucks). Another problem many polls have is they do not include the income of those who did not receive a job coming out of college. Therefore, they are including the highest income earners of graduates but not those earning $0/year. Additionally, and this is more of a recent problem, many jobs offered to graduates are temporary contractual relationships with no promise of future pay or employment. With those disclaimers listed, although there are many more, here are the important numbers people want to see.

The average starting salary of a University of Wyoming graduate according to Wall Street Journal and PayScale Inc. is $44,500. The national average for the graduating class of 2013 was $44,928 according to the most recent National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) Salary Survey. For more information based on different schools/majors see:

– John Ringenberg
Bison Run ALA