What Happened On… This Day in History?

April 9th 2013: The French approve same-sex marriage bill allowing same-sex couples to wed and adopt children. France joins a small group including several states in the U.S., areas of Brazil and Mexico, and 12 countries, half of which are European. As to be expected, the bill was met with protest by many organizers and religious groups across France. There are still issues in legislation because although gays and lesbians can adopt children, they cannot do so as a couple with equal parental rights. This will continue to pose an interesting problem in the future and will surely present another discussion in the French Parliament.

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April 25th 1952: The American Bowling Congress approves the use of an automatic pinsetter. The invention of the pinsetter in 1936 did away with pinsetting as a manual profession. Teenage boys were often hired to manually reset the bowling pins after every frame. These new pinsetters were integrated with electronic scoring systems of various kinds. These greatly sped up the play of the average bowling game, and cut costs for bowling alleys across the country.

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