Summer is Coming

Summer is right around the corner, but unfortunately we need to survive finals before we can fully enjoy the change in seasons and the rapidly approaching break. Tests imply studying, and for most of us that means cramming the night before the test. But when you have multiple tests in a week, that has the power to make or break your grade.
This is not the way to go. The best approach to preparing for finals is to set aside time throughout the week from now on. When sitting down to study, limit the distractions such as T.V., friends and music. Sit in a well-lit area, in normal hours of the day, and focus on the important information. Breaks are important so long as you are able to get back on task.
We all have our own recipe for success. Know your strengths and weaknesses and stay on top of the material by studying early and often. Feel free to share your study skills and tips. Best of luck!

-Courtney Gettel
Bison Run ALA