Possible Presidential Candidates in 2016

Although the 2016 presidential election is still a couple years away, the election season is quickly approaching. Here are some potential candidates who may throw their “hats” in the race. Not all of these people have officially made a public announcement of their intentions of running in the upcoming presidential election, but many political talking heads have pointed to them as possible contenders.

Democratic Party:
• Vice President Joe Biden – Delaware, former U.S. Senator
• Hillary Clinton – former U.S. Secretary of State (married to former President Bill Clinton)
• Andrew Cuomo – current governor of New York
• Howard Dean – former governor of Vermont, ran for president in 2004
• Bernie Sanders – current U.S. Senator from Vermont

Republican Party:
• Chris Christie – current governor of New Jersey
• Ted Cruz – current U.S. Senator from Texas
• Rand Paul – current U.S. Senator from Kentucky (son of Ron Paul)
• Bobby Jindal – current governor of Louisiana
• Scott Brown – current U.S. Senator from Massachusetts
• Jeb Bush – former governor of Florida (from the well known Bush family)

– John Ringenberg
Bison Run ALA