Family Movie Fun

Having trouble trying to pick a movie that the whole family can like on a movie night? Well, the recently released The LEGO Movie might be the solution for you! Since the film’s theatrical release in February, The LEGO Movie has been winning the hearts of critics and moviegoers alike. Its charming and colorful animation along with the expert writing and voice acting make for an amazing work of cinema. And now with the film’s recent home video release, watching this feature is easier than ever.

Why should you watch The LEGO Movie? The film expertly uses humor in a plastic world brought to life to teach valuable life lessons that are important for kids to learn and adults to keep in mind. Over the course of the film we are reminded how important it is to be creative and use your imagination, a concept that fits hand-in-hand with the building block atmosphere. The movie also teaches the audience that everyone is special in one way or another and you only need to believe in yourself. The film can generate some great family discussion and can open the door to creative, fun parent/child playtime.

If you are interested in finding The LEGO Movie,it can be rented at Redbox, Hastings, and various online retailers or can be bought wherever movies are sold.

Jordan Jungck

Bison Run ALA