Why Should You Live at UW Apartments

Part 1: Roommate Conflicts

Recently, one of my friends keeps complaining about her roommate.  She said that she did not want to move since it is a very nice apartment near the union, but she could not stand the roommate anymore. The landlord had been noticed about the conflict and he told these two girls to solve the problem on their own or both of them needed to move out. The problem continued to go on since no one wanted to leave or to talk to each other.

If this issue happens at UW Apartments, things would be different. Most conflicts occur when residents have incompatible needs, ways of living, or expectation as well as a lack of communication. As long as a roommate conflict has been reported to any apartment staff member, one of our Apartment Living Assistants (ALAs) will contact all related parties and try to help with the situation. We have Roommate Agreements as well as the Student’s Responsibilities and Rights to be our guidelines to facilitate a mediation if necessary. If the residents are not satisfied with the resolution, they will schedule a meeting with our Assistant Property Manager, who can discuss what further options the residents may have including alterations to the Roommate Agreement and in rare cases switching apartments.

All UW students deserve to live safely and comfortably. We want your apartment to be more than just a place to go at the end of the day.  We want it to be your home.  That is why our staff is a resource for you.  Let us help you with your roommate conflict.

Nicki Nguyen

Bison Run ALA