The Big Event

College can be a time of change for many. Life completely changes when you get out on your own, especially when you move into an apartment. The new apartment life style entails buying food, learning how to cook, cleaning on a regular basis, and finding common ground with roommates you may or may not know. Adding all this with a full school schedule can lead to a lot of stress. At this point, it is important to find your passion. This will be a reoccurring segment featuring different options one can be passionate about.

This week I would like to present the passion of volunteering. Volunteering is something many people see as extra work, but once you get in to volunteering it can be fun and rewarding. Volunteering can be completed on various scales and entails a variety of different actions. Helping the community of Laramie could be your stress reliever, and what a weekend to test it out. This weekend marks “The Big Event” in which college students are asked to complete various tasks for Laramie residents. In order to contribute to this year’s big event one must register at the Union at 9 am. After registration groups will head out to do service projects throughout the city of Laramie as a way of saying thanks. More information can be found on the Big Event through the SLCE office and on their webpage at:

Volunteering can be fun and rewarding, and may be your stress reliever and passion!

Mark Christensen
Spanish Walk ALA