Traveling on a College Budget

As college students, most of us have the desire to travel. There is no specific place that everyone wants to go, the possibilities are endless, but the cash flow is not. As we start to plan our future, there are ways that we can make room for fun while still staying out of complete debt. So here are a few ways how to travel for little to no cost at all. At the end of each idea, I included the links to the websites to get started!

Trade labor for a place to stay. Almost anywhere in the world, you can find somewhere that is looking for people to help them out. One of the major foundations that support this is the WWOOF (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) There are over 60 countries that participate and there are some on almost every continent. You can stay for free and sometimes even save money to go explore on your days off.

Work for a cruise ship. There are so many different types of ships that travel all over the world that are looking for every kind of employees. Although the hours are long, the opportunity to travel while earning some extra cash might just be worth it.

Organize a group tour. A lot of travel companies will discount or even completely pay for your travel if you organize a tour with a group. This brings in revenue for them, so you can understand why they would encourage this!

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Jessica Johnson

River Village ALA