Five Things Your May Have Missed in the News – October

Five things you may have missed in the news – October

A look into: Assisted suicide and the laws involved; unusual snowfall across the country; a school reopens after shooting; blindfolded tight rope walk between skyscrapers; and the reopening of world trade center.

1. Assisted suicide and the laws involved – this weekend a 29 year old woman passed away in Oregon. She was diagnosed with brain cancer and due to increased symptoms and greatly decreased quality of life, assisted suicide was the best option in response to the pain resulting from her condition. Brittany Maynard is considered an advocate for the Death with Dignity Act which allowed her this option. Laws in California forced her to move in order to able to make this decision. It was a tough decision for Maynard but her quality of life was not much of a fraction of what it used to be. Read more. (

2. Unusual snowfall across the country – While you’re gearing up for the winter coming this year, it’s important to remember how long the weather has been nice this year. Most Halloweens happen with snow and ice on the ground. Many states in the southeast U.S. observed nearly a foot of snow as well as power outages this weekend. Much of the United States has gotten storm warnings, it appears winter is rapidly approaching. (

3. A school reopens after shooting – On October 24th a 15-year old freshman open fired at a high school in Washington. Three students were killed and two were injured in addition to the shooter passing from a wound received at the time. Read more. ( More than a week has passed since the shooting and the school reopened today, November 3rd and was supported by many community members. Read more. (

4. Blindfolded tight rope walk between skyscrapers. In the past few weeks, you’ve probably seen the short clip previews for Nik Wallenda’s newest stunt. Wallenda is widely known as a daredevil attempting such feats. There wasn’t a safety net or harness for safety and the walk was made up of two parts including an incline and blindfold. The stunt was successful and you can read all about it. (

5. Reopening of world trade center. It has been 13 years since the twin towers collapsed and the world trade center has been opened again. The new building is 104 stories and costed $3.8 billion. It is finally complete and open to the public, soon to come is a porch on the roof in which the public will have access. See pictures and read more about it. (

Courtney Gettel

Bison Run ALA