International Education Week


As I introduced to you in my first article, I am currently a President of the International Student Association, and we are working our biggest event of the semester: International Education Week. Please see the attached poster for the date and time.

1. Country Display Table Contest (Monday): This is a cash-prize contest. Each country will have a table on the main floor of the union to showcase their tradition (objects, costumes, presentations, pictures, instruments, etc.). The judges will stop by each table to grade and decide top 3.

2. International Theme Day (Tuesday): International Dinner at Washakie Dining Center. Below is the menu:

* The Grand Grill (Japanese): Korokke (w/Tonkatsu Sauce) – This is made with potatoes and beef

* Classic Cuisine (Korean): Jap-che – This is made with vegetables, krab, and noodles; Korean Style Kabobs (Beef); Rice

* VegHead (Brazil): Brazilian Black Bean Stew

* World of Flavors

* Mongolian (Vietnamese): Beef Pho Noodle Bowl – Rice Noodles, Vegetables, and Beef

* Fire n Ice (Germany): Brats with Warm German Potato Salad

3. Global Studies in Film: iThemba (Wednesday): A film by Elinor Burkett and Errol Webber about a country like Zimbabwe where more people die of AIDS, malnutrition, and lack of medical care each week than are killed in Afghanistan, Iraq, or Darfur.

4. Swing Dance (Thursday): A chance for interaction between international students and local student through cowboy country swing dancing.

5. International Night (Friday): including these activities

* Activities show case: Origami, Henna, Bamboo Dance, etc

* International Dance Competition: 5 teams from 5 different regions in the world will be provided music (3 minutes long, mix of songs from different countries) to come up with a dance and practice ahead. The point of this competition is to show how different countries dance differently on the same music.

* Performances

* Food serving: Pizza and ice-cream

6. Etiquette Dinner (Saturday): Feature cuisine and mealtime traditions from the continent of Africa. You will need ticket for this event. The tickets are free for students and faculties who has valid WyoOne ID, and will be distributed at the Union Information Desk on Wednesday, Tuesday, Thurday (Nov 18th, 19th, 20th) at 11am.

For more information, you can email me (nnguyen3@uwyo) or join our Facebook page:

Nicki Nguyen

Bison Run ALA