5 Ways to Get What You Pay for at the UW Apartments

College is expensive. For the first time you are expected to pay for where you live, and the food you eat, as well as paying to get an education. Good news though: you live at the UW Apartments, a place where our goal is to provide amenities that make your life easier. Outlined in this article is how to take advantage of living on campus, and guess what? It’s free.

1. CAMPUS EXPRESS. Living right next to the bus stop saves a lot of money. The buses come every seven minutes to the express lot and every 15 minutes to Spanish Walk and River Village. The money you can save on gas per month alone could be spent on other things (like food).

2. PROGRAMS. The ALA’s put on monthly and reoccurring programs that are often fun and most of the time have free food. If you show up, we usually have something going on that can entertain you for the afternoon or evening and save you money on a meal.

3. MAINTENANCE. We have a great maintenance system that you don’t often see with most landlords. You don’t even have to talk to us! All you have to do is submit a work order online at https://www.myschoolbuilding.com/myschoolbuilding/msbdefault.asp?acctnum=1727114240&ServiceLogin and communicate your problem and they will be there to fix anything. They will also communicate with you when it is complete. Along with this, your internet and cable is provided with your apartment. If you ever have problems with anything everything we do is through the IT department on campus. You can reach them at 766-4357(HELP) and they will help you out.

4. THE COMMUNITY CENTER. We have just about everything in there. We offer a study environment by providing a computer lab, study tables, and even free coffee. We also have entertainment including TV’s you can use, a Wii and games, pool, and board games.

5. ALA’s. We have extensive training on business tasks including your lease, your intent to vacate notice, as well as any other questions. We also have training to help you with any personal concerns you have and know a lot about resources offered on campus. I encourage everyone to contact their ALA with any concerns, because that’s why we are here!

The UW Apartments offers many ways to get what you pay for, you just have to take advantage of them.

Jessica Johnson

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