Five things you may have missed in the news – November

A look into: Casualties in Tennessee school bus collision; Record colds across the country; A different kind of Thanksgiving tradition; Family saved from gunfire by dog; and November 28 day shown in pictures.

1. Casualties in Tennessee school bus collision – It is currently unknown how the “double school bus crash” occurred in Tennessee, but the incident will be investigated by the National Transportation Safety Board. Three people were killed and nineteen were hospitalized for injuries that were not serious. Read more about it! (

2. Record colds across the country – While it was rather nice in Laramie over Thanksgiving break, much of the country experience record lows throughout the month of November. Records were broken both for the coldest temperature as well as the duration of cold snaps. There were also many snowfall records broken last month. Find out more. (

3. A different kind of Thanksgiving tradition – Across the country on Black Friday, many Americans were waiting in line for deals or had been shopping since Thursday evening. However, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin just under a thousand people were in line to get beers in 15 degree weather for entry at 8 in the morning for liquor. The brewery sold out in just a few hours. Read more about this. (

4. Family saved from gunfire by dog – A road rage incident involving a gun in which the family survived. Unfortunately this was accomplished by the family dog taking the bullets for its owners and died soon after. Read more. (

5. November 28 day shown in pictures – Take a look at these amazing photos taken on November 28 worldwide! (

Courtney Gettel

Bison Run ALA