Holiday decorations in the UW Apartments

Are you feeling a little crafty but are crunched for money. Many of us go home for the upcoming holidays but it can be nice to walk into your apartment with some holiday cheer. A little reminder of the upcoming holidays can make the upcoming finals a little easier. In a pinch for money, I decided to search Pinterest for some cheap holiday decorations. I literally searched for cheap holiday decoration and many ideas came up. I’m sure some of the ideas might be more appealing to some more than others.

To make sure I didn’t spend much money I looked for decorations with things that I had in my apartment. To search for decorations with items that you have just simply list them out in the search bar. The dollar tree in town also has some great holiday decorations that would be easy to decorate your apartment with. I also walked around Wal-mart and K-mart and found a lot of cute things. For my table I decided to put together a nice little center piece that I found the idea form Pinterest. You are not allowed to have candles in the apartments but you can display a favorite ornament on top of the wine glass. I also really like the ornaments inside the wine glass. It was fun to play around with and figure out what I liked best. Have fun and be creative and thrifty in your holiday decorations!

Even though in the UW apartments you can’t hang lights outside, you can hang approved lights in your windows. Wal-mart has great sucker hangers that stick great to the windows. And though you cannot have candles, you can have Scentsy’s and candle warmers that do not let wax drip. They still provide the holiday smell and are safe in the apartment.

Emily LaRae Smith
Spanish Walk ALA