Satisfy your Sweet Tooth

There are lots of neat little shops to visit in downtown Laramie this holiday season. I’ve lived in Laramie nearly four years and I still haven’t visited them all. Here are two local favorites – one that I shop at every year, and one that I can’t wait to try.

Sweet Pickles Children’s Store is located at 117 E. Ivinson Ave. and offers that old fashioned shopping experience you just can’t find in large box stores and malls. At Sweet Pickles you can find classics that never go out of style – trains, dolls and building blocks. Perhaps the greatest find is the corner which is stocked with small toys that make perfect stocking stuffers.

The Chocolate Cellar is located next door at 113 E. Ivinson Ave. As you have already guessed, the Chocolate Cellar is stocked with some of the best chocolates in town. They offer an incredible selection of chocolate, from Extra Strong Dark 77% chocolate to one of their most popular items, Almonds & Sea Salt in Dark Chocolate. This is the perfect place to pick up a little something for a co-worker or friend, most especially, a little something for you.

Mary Bargdill
River Village ALA