Why Resign for Next Year?

Top Five Reasons to Renew Your Lease with the UW Apartments

1. Moving is difficult. If you are a normal student, you probably don’t have a very big car and trying to fit your entire life into a tiny space can be pretty annoying, as well as almost impossible, so you have to take about 30 trips.

2. Even if you believe that you have everything necessary for your apartment, you always run into items that you need (or want) for your new place. The price of boxes is also steep, something you will just throw away when you are finished moving.

3. The apartments have everything you need. We are conveniently located on campus, we have the shuttles right by your apartments, cutting the gas costs and the hassle of parking. We have resources you are able to use if you live with us including the computer labs as well as pool and other activities.

4. You don’t have to worry about waiting very long for maintenance issues to be fixed. Also you don’t have to worry about fixing things on your own, we are always here to help.

5. By living on campus, you are encouraged to be a student first. The apartments are designed for success, and we hold everyone to be the best students possible.

Lucky for you, the UW Apartment encourages you to re-sign your lease! By doing this, you can stay in your apartment during the whole summer. Most of our leases have about a two to four week break for our crews to come in and clean and fix any issues so that they are clean and ready for new residents. If you re-sign, you are allowed to stay in your apartment during that time. This is perfect for those planning on staying in Laramie and taking summer classes, as well as those that just want to make sure they have a secured living situation for the next year.

If you do decide to stay with us next year, it is a very simple process. The apartments will notify all residents when we have our lease ready and all you have to do is come in and sign your lease for next year. Yes, it is that simple! So just watch your emails from the alaapts@uwyo.edu account for updates on when you can renew your lease.

We hope you consider living with us again, we love having you!

If you have any suggestions about ways that we can improve, don’t feel shy to engage in this post, and comment!


Jessi Johnson

Bison Run ALA