All about ITVs (Intent to Vacate)

It’s that time to start looking at where you’re going to live for next semester and along with that when to submit your ITV. An ITV stands for intent to vacate. This form tells the University of Wyoming Apartments office staff when you are planning to move out and a 60 day notice is required for this form. If you don’t provide us with a 60 day notice of your check out/ move out date, you will be charged $200, as per your lease, so submitting this form is very important.

The UW apartment staff requires a 60 day notice for multiple reasons. First, 60 days allows for us to know who is returning to live with us next year and who is not. This allows for us to have a better idea if we are going to need to look for a new resident to live in your apartment. Next, a 60 day notice allows you, the resident, time to plan out the next step in your life. With 60 days, you will know well in advance when you are expected to move out and you can make the necessary arrangements to have a new living situation set up. Finally, a 60 day notice allows for our maintenance and custodial staff to plan out how and when they are going to ready your apartment for the next tenant. This is a lengthy process and a large number of our apartments need to be prepared for the next school year, so this 60 day notice allows for us to have a plan of how and when we can complete these by!

I want to say again, if you do not give us a 60 day advance notice of when you move out, you will be charged $200. This means that you need to submit your intent to vacate form at least 60 days before the day you plan to move out of your apartment. You can submit this form more than 60 days in advance, but we need at least 60 day notice. After you have submitted your form, you need to contact your ALA (apartment living assistant) two weeks before your vacate date and set up a check out appointment to do a final walk through. An express check out is also an option, and if you have questions about this you can ask your ALA for more details.

In order to submit your ITV you need to go to the Residence Life and Dining Services home page on the University of Wyoming’s website. Once you are at the UW home page, go to the A-Z index. From here click “R” and then find the Resident’s Life and Dining Services page. From here on the left side of the page, click the apartments tab. Once you have clicked this, you should see a link titled Vacate form, also on the left menu below the apartment tab. Click on this and fill out the form and you will have submitted your intent to vacate form.

Finally, as stated above, you will need to contact your ALA for a check out time at least two weeks prior to your check out date. It is the responsibility of the resident to schedule this appointment with their respective ALA. The best way to contact your ALA is to email them. If you do not have their email address, you can call the front office and ask for it!

If you have any questions about your intent to vacate, how to submit the form, the 60 day notice, or anything else, please feel free to contact the front desk at 307-766-3176 or email

Good luck with the rest of your semester!

Tyler Johnson

Landmark ALA