Checkout Expectations

Congratulations! You have just made it through finals and you can now focus all your energy on summer. You might be going home for the summer, getting prepared for that awesome job you landed, or just simply relaxing in Laradise. However, if you decided not to renew your lease with us, there is one step between now and sweet, sweet summer: checking out.

By now, you have submitted your ITV (Intent To Vacate) form and you know what day you are going to leave.  On your vacate day you will go through our checkout process that is basically two parts. The first step will have you making a checkout appointment with your ALA and the second is the actual checkout.

Step 1

First things first, when you know what day you are leaving, make sure that you are in contact with your ALA. If they don’t reach out to you first, send an email to them giving at least two weeks notice about what day and time you would like your checkout appointment to be. Understand that there could possibly be multiple people wanting to checkout at that day and time, but your ALA will try their best to fit in your schedule. A head’s up on a checkout time is especially appreciated if you want to check out during finals week.

Step 2

Now that you have an appointment with a specific date and time scheduled with your ALA, you can focus on getting ready to say goodbye to your apartment. As a general rule of thumb for your apartment on vacate day, make your apartment look as clean and empty as it did when you moved in. The “empty” aspect of this is very important as an ALA won’t be able to check you out until all of your belongings are out of your apartment. This includes items such as clothing, boxes, trash, and cleaning supplies.

After you have everything out of your apartment you can now work to make your apartment as clean as a whistle. Areas that you should remember to clean are sinks, counter tops, bathtubs, toilets, and your stovetop. We also have a variety of tools to help you check-out in the community center such as vacuum cleaners, carts, and a list of cleaning supplies. Another very important part of checking out is to check your mail one last time and make sure you have given us and the US Postal Service your forwarding address.

After you and your ALA have walked through your apartment and you have handed your keys back, you are free to move on to a great summer! On behalf of all of the staff at the UW Apartments, thank you for living with us and we hope the best for your future endeavors.

Jordan Jungck

Bison Run ALA