January Rings in New Resolutions

January brings many things, the New Year, a new semester, and New Year’s resolutions. As the beginning of Spring Semester approaches many students are reflecting on their goals for the year. Approximately 45… Continue reading

Random Facts – January

• If you stay completely still for about 15 minutes your body will shut down and you will fall asleep • Sweden recycles so well that it has run out of garbage and… Continue reading

Fighting off Sickness

It’s that time of the year again when people are coming back to Laramie after a long break. Everyone is bringing back newfound energy, luggage, and possibly a couple of germs. So, to… Continue reading

Renewing Leases with UW Apartments

Renewing Leases with UW Apartments The time to renew your lease with UW Apartments is fast approaching. We wanted to provide you a guide to navigate renewing leases and information you can pass… Continue reading

Village Meeting Monthly

The Village Meeting Monthly, formerly The Apartments Advisory Board, is a monthly meeting designed to meet the needs of the residents of the University of Wyoming Apartments. Each month a different topic will… Continue reading

Tips on Getting Into Law School

As a current law student, I often get the question of how to go about applying and getting into law school. Beyond getting good grades in undergraduate, there are several recommended and required… Continue reading

Sports in a Glance

The month of December is an off month for most UW Sports. However, Cowboy and Cowgirl Basketball are in full swing. The Cowboys will play three of their five games in the month… Continue reading

Random Facts – December

There are so many restaurants in New York City that you can try a new restaurant every night for 50 years and never visit the same place twice. Dolphins can recognize their old… Continue reading

ALA Spotlight – December

John Ringenberg is currently an ALA for the Bison Run Village for buildings 5, 6, 8 and 10. John chose to be an ALA because he wanted to make a difference in people’s… Continue reading

The History of Good Ole’ Saint Nick

Santa Claus is an iconic December image for most western cultures. This jolly old man has been a personification for holiday spirit and good tidings for many years, but who was the original… Continue reading

Drive Slowly in Winter Weather

Driving in winter weather can be a challenge, especially for those who are not used to driving on ice and snow. The best advice is to take it easy and slow down. Allow… Continue reading

ALA Spotlight – November

Emily is one of the ALAs for the River Village community. She is from Lafayette, Colorado. Emily is a senior studying secondary Agriculture Education because she believes in the future of agriculture. She… Continue reading

Fun Facts – November

-A 15 minute exposure to a fashion magazine will decrease a woman’s satisfaction with her body image by 50 percent. – The less sleep you get, the more dreams you have when you… Continue reading