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Possible Presidential Candidates in 2016

Although the 2016 presidential election is still a couple years away, the election season is quickly approaching. Here are some potential candidates who may throw their “hats” in the race. Not all of… Continue reading

Summer is Coming

Summer is right around the corner, but unfortunately we need to survive finals before we can fully enjoy the change in seasons and the rapidly approaching break. Tests imply studying, and for most… Continue reading

Spring Cleaning

The weather in Laramie is starting to turn sunny side up and that means it’s time to break out the broom and dustpan. Spring-cleaning is traditionally done during a time when the weather… Continue reading

Realistic Incomes Coming Out of College

I apologize in advance for the pessimistic nature of this article but I have realized over the past several years that many people have an unrealistic expectation for what they will make coming… Continue reading

Staying Motivated Mid-Semester

March is here and Spring Break is just weeks away! Though we all anticipate the sleep, relaxation, and plans that come with break, we have to survive the mid-semester tests that come with… Continue reading

How to Start the Semester Off Well

There are several things that are “tried and true” when it comes to starting the new semester off with new classes. It involves several things you would learn at your typical freshman orientation… Continue reading

Tips on Getting Into Law School

As a current law student, I often get the question of how to go about applying and getting into law school. Beyond getting good grades in undergraduate, there are several recommended and required… Continue reading


Wonder what all the hype is about local and sustainable food?  Supporting the local food movement helps the Laramie economy and community as well as fills your plate with higher quality, more nutritious,… Continue reading

Things Not Missed From the 80s

1) Pogs – These flat circular discs really did not serve much of a purpose but they somehow entertained a generation for hours on end. Some of you may be too young to… Continue reading