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What Happened On… This Day in History?

April 9th 2013: The French approve same-sex marriage bill allowing same-sex couples to wed and adopt children. France joins a small group including several states in the U.S., areas of Brazil and Mexico,… Continue reading

A Lesson From Groundhog Day

On Feb. 2 of every year, one of the world’s most famous meteorologists makes a bold prediction about how much longer winter will continue, based entirely on if he sees his shadow or… Continue reading

What Happened On… This Day in History?

January 4th, 1903: Topsy, the elephant was electrocuted to death by an AC (Alternating Current) current of 6600 volts. 1500 people were in attendance and inventor Thomas Edison oversaw the electrocution. Edison filmed… Continue reading

The History of Good Ole’ Saint Nick

Santa Claus is an iconic December image for most western cultures. This jolly old man has been a personification for holiday spirit and good tidings for many years, but who was the original… Continue reading

What Happened on…This Day in History?

November 2nd, 2000: The first crew that was expected to have long-duration space time aboard the International Space Station (ISS) docked to the station and began their mission officially on November 2nd. The… Continue reading

What Happened on…..This Day in History?

October 3rd, 1985: The Space Shuttle Atlantis made its maiden voyage. Atlantis was also the last shuttle launched in the space shuttle program before the end of the program in 2011. Atlantis was… Continue reading

What Happened on…. This Day in History

September 2nd: In 1969 the first ever Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) in the United States was installed in the Rockville Center, New York City. Throughout the early 1960’s Japan, Sweden, Great Britain, and… Continue reading